“Buy a dress and rock up”.

Blog post 3, Sep 2013.

Wedding planning is immense, there’s so much to consider. I’m starting to think we should’ve gone to a registry office! I thought I would just “buy a dress and rock up”- I genuinely thought that- I told Jon and a few friends who found this rather naive. I’m still succeeding at rules 1 & 5, but I think failing at no 2. It’s now 8 months since we got engaged. Jon proposed on Christmas Day last year, I really wasn’t expecting it. My exact response was “really?”- Looking back, what was he going to say… “Ha not really!!”- Would’ve been a cruel joke.

I did have suspicions however, for our trip to Paris on Boxing Day. So many people had asked me if I thought he was going to propose that I grown to believe it. I had visions of waiting in anticipation every time he put his hand in his pocket, or got something out of a bag, or paused somewhere romantic. It could have been a long 5 days.

I had no idea there are so many things to consider with wedding planning, and that people are so critical of others’ weddings. It’s like the X Factor for weddings. Perhaps it doesn’t help that I get carried away with ideas, I saw in a magazine one bride arriving on an elephant, I thought this plausible in Devon in the UK. My fiancé did not.

My Maid of Honour asked me if I saw this on TV, very funny:


My favourite line is that the best thing about being married is… “not having to do any wedding planning”. I’m beginning to see the merits to that attitude now.


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