Lists, post-its, spreadsheets, colour-coding and categorising.

Blog post 2, Aug 2013.

Since my last blog I have continued to succeed at goals 1 & 5 (to not become Bridezilla), but still failing at goal no 2 to be organised about the wedding planning.

We have however, booked a venue for our wedding- very exciting. I listed every venue I could POSSIBLY FIND, in the 3 counties of Devon, Dorset and Somerset (excluding those that were ridiculously expensive). I then made Jon do the same, just in case I had missed any (much to his annoyance).

I LOVE lists. I love making lists, looking at the lists I’ve made, planning what lists I will write, finding different way to write lists (iPhone, paper, post-it notes, notebooks), ticking things off my lists, colour-coding my lists, categorising my lists and so on… So wedding planning should come easily to me. Jon tells me I spend too much time writing lists and not enough time actually doing the things on the lists. This is possibly true, but don’t tell him I said so. My Maid of Honour is similarly organised, so the process of wedding planning should come easily to us. I asked her over lunch one day if she would be Maid of Honour and she admitted that she expected me to ask her and who else could it possibly be. We met through a mutual friend when we were the only 2 single people left on the planet (ie all our friends were coupled-up, we were recently out of relationships and there seemed to be no decent men available.)

We then spent several months dating, going out and making lists of all the things we would do with our new-found freedom. I look back on that time with fond memories, you don’t appreciate the positives of that lifestyle until you meet someone. We now laugh at the fact that I met Jon through a friend of mine and then I set her up with that friend- Turns out our men were right under our noses all along!

So Jon and I viewed a few wedding venues, including one rather unsettling experience where the lady was very what I would call ‘raaaa’- talking about the London properties she used to own, name dropping about who got married there and generally telling us how everyone thinks the venue is worth more than it costs to hire. At about £13k over budget we eventually left and actually found ourselves considering it, we later come to our senses and decided it’s not for us, we don’t need 30 acres. The chapel was beautiful and I had tears in my eyes it was so stunning.

We finally settled on the first venue we originally discussed (!) which is perfect for us.

Jon has chosen his best man, we have started to discuss some initial ideas of things we definitely do and don’t want, and we have the registrar booked. I’m not happy about a stranger marrying us, we don’t even get to to meet them beforehand- I find that very odd.

Next to plan: a photographer and think about invitation designs.


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