Make sure you know your future husband’s birthday.

Blog post 4, 1st Oct 2013.

I have a bad memory, in fact a very bad memory. My excuse is that my partner didn’t know how to spell my middle name until 2 years into our relationship, it’s Clare (no ‘i’). But the truth is that it’s taken me 4 years to remember his birthday. With iPhones and apps nowadays there’s actually no need to remember anybody’s birthday any more. However one gets caught out whilst sat at their ‘intention of marriage’ interview when one is asked their partner’s DOB. The embarrassment of having to actually look it up on my mobile phone has inspired me from now on to never forget his birthday again.

To be fair, things like that don’t really surprise us any more- as this is coming from the couple that celebrated (presents, cutsey texts, meal out, etc) their getting together anniversary on the wrong date for the first two years. We then did the calculations and worked out we were about a week out.

Ah well, once we are married will have a new date to forget!

So we have both given notice of our intention to marry, all sounds very formal. Islington Town Hall is beautiful, and I got excited about my own wedding by a bride arriving at the Town Hall in a beautiful wedding dress, just as I was leaving. Her father (a man whom I assume was her father) looked so proud and happy. I had tears in my eyes, I’m such a sucker for a happy moment and seemingly a lot more emotional in recent months- I now cry at everything. Someone said to me “It’s okay, it’s the engagement”, anyone would think there are hormones flying around in an engagement as I now can’t be relied upon to be rational and non emotional for anything.

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