Blog post 5, 21st Oct 2013.

So since my last blog post we have decided our wedding caterers, which is progress.

Turns out that in Devon there are essentially only 2, so it shouldn’t have been too complicated. Being on a budget was our main issue- so many emails went backwards and forwards to the said two companies. Pies seemed to be our cheapest option from one caterer, which at one point I agreed to, until I woke up one morning a week later and realised I don’t actually want pies at my wedding. “So on the menu are some delicious pies, if you’re not keen on that there are also…. some pies”. There was no accompaniment, just pies. Odd wedding food option if you ask me. My fiancé thought it amusing that he had to take another woman to our Wedding Tasting since I am working away. They didn’t seem too bothered by this apparently.

Wedding planning is odd, it’s easy to get swept up in other people’s suggestions (such as the pies), and having not been married before (and not necessarily knowing what I want for a lot of it) I get rather annoyed at myself for not putting my foot down more often- “No thank you, I don’t want gold embossed, personalised paper napkins at my wedding”. That was one my partner and I did manage to turn down at a Wedding Fayre. We have been to a total of 2 Wedding Fayres. My understanding is that they are aimed at the brides, but to be honest I found the experience bewildering. On arriving at our first, the lady on the door said to me “You look like a rabbit in the headlights”, which is precisely how I felt! Jon told me when the womens’ squeals were too high that only dogs could hear them, he was done and we would be leaving.

Since then we have survived a 2nd Wedding Fayre too (we were much more military and organised, not talking to anyone we didn’t want to), and even found our photographer who I instantly liked.

I believe I am still succeeding at goals 1 and 5 to not become BrideZilla, and getting there with goal number 2 to be more organised. As for goal number 3 to include my partner in all decisions, I thought I was doing well until he said to me the other day “I would like to be involved in some part of our wedding planning, at some point”, so maybe not.


2 thoughts on “Pies.

  1. I genuinely love your blog already. I have found myself having these exact same experiences. What do I want? How do I want it? Pinterest has a lot to answer for! So many ideas, such little time.

    Looking forward to reading about the rest of your wedding planning journey.

    Sam xo

    • Thank you Sam,
      I’ve recently discovered Pinterest after a friend recommended it to me- I do love it but there’s soooooo many ideas I want to do now.x

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