No plastic penises.

save the date cards, pic

Blog post 6, 24th Nov 2013.

Ok so, to summarise on the success of my wedding planning rules so far…

I still believe I am succeeding at resisting becoming BrideZilla. I am getting more organised, although still some way to go… I haven’t gone ahead with any ideas and got carried away yet either! And since we have half sorted the food I believe we are succeeding at rule no4 to consider our guests.

Save-the-date cards have been sent out to most people, we have to admit to being concerned over numbers, cost and being overwhelmed on the day, therefore have held off sending them out to everyone yet. I didn’t realise one is meant to tie these in with the theme of the wedding… Someone said to me “ah butterflies how lovely as a wedding theme”… “errrr no, actually I just picked these up in Paperchase and they have nothing to do with the wedding, I just thought they were pretty!”, Oops (our invitations will be themed.)

My Maid of Honour phoned me within the last week, and pointed out that I haven’t set a date for my hen do, that there is no list of invitees and that since I work away I may only be back in the county about 8 times before my wedding, eeek. She has a point. I’m so lucky to have someone organised, and someone to offer to research ideas for me, love her. As for ideas, I said strippers were out. Not least because I would like to be able to invite my mother and also future mother-in-law, but also because I’m 32 and it just doesn’t appeal. My other rule for the hen night (which my Maid of Honour agress with) is none of those headbands with plastic penises bouncing off them- to me they epitomise the tacky wedding. They are everything I hate about hen do expectations- the pink sash, the drinking games, scaring guys who subsequently run away and the matching t-shirts. I would like to think mine will be grown up and classy… however I can’t promise not to get drunk he he. Ideas so far include chocolate-making (but my mother is allergic), cocktail making, a yacht trip (although I get sea-sick), or a villa somewhere (we have since concluded this will be too expensive.)

Next to plan: The hen do! Invitation designs still need deciding and exact food choices have to be done. We need to decide on the colours. We need to ask one of Jon’s neices to be bridesmaid. And I need to start shopping for my wedding dress…

9 months yesterday until our wedding! 🙂


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