Blog 7- progress and 6 months today.

Sorry it has been some time since my last blog post- I have been making lots of progress though 🙂

I am still succeeding at rule #1- to avoid becoming Bridezilla… to the extent where I was told on Saturday evening at a party that I have a long way to go before this is the case, and that despite my fears I do actually have to plan something! lately I have been very organised in fact, so #2 success!

It is now 6 months today, until the wedding. This has spurred me into action recently! The Hen Do plans are coming along nicely- it will involve afternoon tea, games, a wine tasting event, a sushi meal out and cocktails- very excited. We have also been planning wedding invitations designs- I’ve had appointments and liaised with 3 stationers; we have decided my mum will do the stationary for us. So we have nearly decided on the final design- I felt relatively overwhelmed at one point thinking how invitation design is one small part and there’s so much else to do! It’s the first bridezilla moment I have had when I started thinking how I wanted everything to match and be perfect, and can see how wedding planning gets stressful! We have booked the band, confirmed food choices with the caterers, booked a harpist, had lengthy discussions about our first dance song and are still none-the-wiser on a decision (songs I like, Jon thinks are cheesy).

Given that I live in London I wanted to have a traditional London cab take me to the venue and there is a company in Devon that offers this. However, on speaking to him I didn’t have the best 1st impression, by him saying to me “The thing I most like doing in life is spending time my grandchildren, but hey we all have to work”! This is my wedding day, you’re running a professional business and you’re saying that to me?! So I am re-thinking them.

In total now, I have been to a total of 6 wedding dress shops (1 of these twice) plus 1 outlet and 1 second hand wedding dress shop. I am exhausted and relatively bored of wedding dress shopping now! My struggle is finding what I want for a reasonable price, so recently I am liaising with a few seamstresses to see if they can alter a dress I love by Maggie Sottero, to make it exactly how I would like. The second hand dress shop was lovely but the dresses I liked were no cheaper than in shops so I didn’t really save any money. If you are ever thinking of going to an outlet do your research first! 1) turn up early and be first in the door, 2) take food and water, 3) plan nothing else for that day! I queued for a total of 3 hours…. 3 hours! We would never do this in a clothes shop! AND that is to find out that I didn’t love those dresses after all. I think an outlet would be great if one is not too fussy about the dress, if you’re going to make more of a “that’s pretty, I like it, it’s fine” approach, then an outlet is the way forward- there were very pretty dresses for £300.

We are also buying vintage crockery from a friend of mine who spent hours collecting it 2nd hand, for her own wedding. So I am very excited about that and a little concerned that it will not all fit in Jon’s mini (and that our spare bedroom will be full!). However, it looks lovely and I plan on using it at my Hen Do too.  

So… progress all round. I’m feeling more on top of plans, yet also a sense of pressure to get more done. Jon and I have current lists of what we both need to sort, then Jon lost his list- fortunately I had pre-empted this and taken a photo of his list (you know, just incase the cat ate it or something).

I think I will blitz some planning this weekend.


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