My wedding dress is bought!

Yey! I finally bought my wedding dress. After much stressing about not being able to find the dress I wanted, I had 3 wedding dress shops lined up last Saturday, and in the first one I tried on the first dress and said to Lily (the lovely lady in the shop who will do all my alterations) “Well, it’s the one isn’t it, it ticks all my boxes so if you can do such and such alterations, I’ll give you my credit card details now!” Very unromantic I know. Job done, by 10.30am!

On the Sunday I woke up and said to Jon “You know the best thing about having bought my wedding dress?”

Jon: “You’re happy with it and can’t wait to wear it?”

“No, the best thing is not having to go shopping for a wedding dress ever again!!”

I would love to post you a picture, but I’m afraid I can’t in case Jon sees it!


We now have a wedding website too, which is very exciting. It has all the finer details on it, such as hotels and our gift list registration. It took about 3 hours to set up with most of what we wanted on there, last Sunday. Filling in all the accommodation details was rather tedious I have to admit. I asked Jon why I had to do it, his reply was “Because you’re so good at things like this.” Hmmm, who needs a marriage preparation course, it seems Jon has figured out all the right things to say, without guidance. After about half an hour he said “this is boring” and went and emptied the cat litter tray which is the worst job in our house so that’s an indication of excatly how much he did not want to research hotels that had parking, anymore!

I have also booked my wedding hair and make up artist, ordered the stationary for making invitations, had a personalised stamp made up, researched harp music, researched dance lessons and marriage preparation courses, reviewed the band’s set list, and Jon has  decided on a lovely hotel for us to stay in, for 2 nights after our wedding- The Magdalen Chapter in Exeter 🙂

My pre-wedding beauty routine is planned and in action too. Since I’m essentially lazy and most comfortable in jeans and pumps, this has consisted of spending £70 on new products, and actually washing my face before I go to bed. I do now have a diary of what I should be doing in the months and weeks leading up to our wedding, and am hoping this new approach sticks even after we are married.

I wanted our little bridesmaid Rachel to carry a basket of rose petals and sprinkle them up the isle. However Jon this this is too Disney-esque and in such a circumstance he would expect a teapot to be marrying us, and I had gone too far.

A bridesmaid’s dress for my Maid of Honour has been a difficult and time-consuming challenge. I want the budget of a high street dress and would like her to have the flexibility that she can wear it again. However, I am very  specific about the colour I would like her to wear, have been advised it’s all about the mixing of fabrics and that the style should obviously match, which seems to restrict me to more formal dresses from wedding dress shops or places like

Does anyone have any advice or opinions on the matter of where to buy bridesmaids dresses? I’m struggling a little here…






2 thoughts on “My wedding dress is bought!

  1. We bought ours on e bay, they then needed adjusting but it was overall cheaper than having them professionally made. It was a bit of a gamble looking back though. Alison

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