Hats and being dumped by guests

Less than 4 months, eeeeek!

Very excited now. It feels very grown up getting married, the kind of thing that happens to everyone else including people who have their lives sorted.

My ‘to do’ lists of wedding planning at the moment seem to consist of very specific and random items. For example, check Jon has wedding shoes and does our photographer need feeding on the day. I read in a magazine that we should feed our suppliers, seems a little cheeky to me I just thought they would all bring sandwiches!


The invitations are being made as I write this. Literally- my parents phoned me to say they have a small scale manufacturing process going on at theirs.


There’s one less day invitation to make, since we got dumped by 2 of our friends (in a couple); it was a friendship on the rocks for some time now. They had both progressively let us down on several occasions and I had therefore not invited her to the Hen Do as I felt it did not properly represent our relationship anymore. When it got close to Jon’s Stag Do he said to Jon he didn’t think he could come anymore, and then said because of friendship issues they also wouldn’t come to the wedding. I’ve never been friend-dumped before! Well there’s a statement, they had our Save-the-Date card and then told us they wouldn’t come! My friends and I have done a lot of over-analysing since, and we’ve decided to move on. What is it about weddings that brings this all out in people? Friends are meant to be happy for us! Jon’s not really said anything about it which is odd, maybe guys deal with these things differently. So that left room quite frankly to upgrade someone else, from the evening party, to the daytime!


Our next door neighbours are getting married on the same day as us, which is a funny coincidence. We do all the usual jokes of “have you booked so-and-so supplier yet?”… “Quick, run inside the house and get them booked into the diary!” They are lovely, and we talk about wedding preparations quite a bit. She text me the other day to apologise for an argument they had been having about wedding invitations and hoped we hadn’t heard it, which we hadn’t at all. The next day, Jon and I had an argument about wedding invitations too, and Jon stormed off into the garden saying he was going to talk to next door over the wall, for sympathy. Very funny.




2 thoughts on “Hats and being dumped by guests

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog, very honest…
    I believe stressful times like weddings bring out the true character of people. Those true friends will help you when the planning gets on top of you. That is very much my experience anyway. All the best,

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