Less than 100 days, dressing up animals and the wedding taking over.

It’s now just over 90 days until I get married? Where has the time gone? I prefer to count in months (just over 3)- it seems longer and I’ll panic less about getting everything done. Lately the wedding has become an entity of its own. It’s like a really bossy and self-centred member of the family. One that’s demanding that his rights come first, follows me around everywhere, wakes me up in the night telling me I’ve forgotten to do something and constantly reminds me how long my current ‘to do’ list is. In short, ‘The Wedding’ has taken on a personality of its own. Both Jon and I now agree that to a certain extent we both can’t wait to be married, just to not have any wedding planning to do and to go back to normal life without all the lists of things that need organising. 

The bridesmaid dress from eBay has arrived, and needs some work at the seamstress. I’m not sure how to put this but the cups are… Large and pointy. My Maid of Honour will certainly make an impression, I’m just not sure it’s a classy one. So we had a giggle over that and took some photos. Today she took the dress to my seamstress who I have used for years, and was concerned about having to politely explain what the problem was. Fortunately, it seems it’s so obvious, that as soon as she took it out the bag the seamstress said “Yes I see” and no explanation was needed. It hadn’t occurred to me that I was sending Alex off to a stranger, to get undressed, a potentially awkward situation. After regrets about not wearing matching underwear and some groping and cupping of the dress area in need of improvement, it seems my seamstress is keen to alter the dress and I’m relieved it seems possible. Unfortunately Alex has to return tomorrow for a second fitting.

Next is to match the men’s ties and other bits and pieces, to the colour. My wedding lingerie is purchased, which was a mission in itself, apparently I seem to be an odd size for which nothing fits! Maybe if I had decent underwear I wouldn’t need ‘wedding lingerie’- a concept most definitely invented by corset designers wanting to up their sales. The next mission is to find my wedding shoes, the challenge being that I need a height of heel that appears to be very uncommon, to fit exactly with the skirt length now it’s been altered. Our young bridesmaid now has shoes and has visited the venue so that it doesn’t all seem very daunting, very cute. And… The day invites have gone out, yey! They look amazing my parents have worked so hard, I’ve made 5 stationary orders due to miscalculations, wrong orders, mistakes and changes of plans! Now my parent’s production line has moved onto the evening invites… I hate to tell them there’s menus, name tags, a table plan and other stationary yet too!

Jon has been busy ordering various things like water carafes, glasses and instant camera film. Our band played a demo of our first wedding dance song, and I got all emotional and upset, what a girl! 

I messaged Jon and told him we had forgotten something very important… To include our cat! It seems people do- whilst reading wedding magazines I found some pictures of ways to decorate one’s dog. Is he my little family? Yes. Do I feel the need to include him in my wedding? No, he’s a pet.




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