Table plan, marriage prep course and Pom poms

So 50 days until we get married, which sounds more than ‘under 2 months’. A lot of RSVP’s are coming back in now, so the seating plan is yet to be written and we still need most of the venue stationary. Jon has a Pom Pom factory going on at home, I wanted them as wedding decorations in different sizes so most evenings he sits and makes them. He is aiming for 100! I’m not sure we need quite that many, but we do have to make extra in accounting for the ones the cat steals and hides. I think he’s a kleptomaniac- he takes our underwear, trots around with it in his mouth like a dog then and hides in under the bed.
So this weekend we have our ‘marriage preparation course’, so I’ll let you know how that goes. I figure it can’t hurt. We both had to complete a questionnaire of 180 things about our relationship, separately with no comparing notes. Everything from “have you talked about how many children you would like?” and “do you feel your families interfere in your relationship?” to “do you feel the sex is the only thing that keeps you together?” Some of the questions made me laugh, some were quite sad and some ( in my opinion) a little judgemental such as “I think things will change once we are married and are living together.” ‘Agree’, ‘disagree’ or ‘uncertain’. I needed a ‘sorry we already live in sin’ button, but they didn’t have one.
So a few weeks ago was my Hen Do. I had an amazing day, it was so lovely to have so many people I care about there. It suddenly hit home to me that I’m getting married. Until then it was just Jon and I making plans, suddenly it seemed public and other people were involved, and it became real! There were no plastic penises and I could still walk at the end of the evening having not got so drunk I couldn’t remember the day. Happy memories 🙂 I felt quite unsettled the next day, like I’ll never have a proper girly night out again once I’m married. I hope that isn’t what happens once I get married!
People keep asking me when we are going to have children, jeez already I haven’t even walked down the isle yet! It’s not a question I would ask people unless they brought it up, I find it odd that almost strangers think it acceptable to enquire based on the knowledge that I will soon be married. To be honest I haven’t had time to think about children anyway, I’ve been shopping for shoes. After 4+a half hours on London’s Oxford Street last Saturday, purely looking for wedding shoes with the exact (and seemingly non-existent) height heel, I eventually called my seamstress and concluded we need to have the skirt lowered so that I can buy a pair of shoes with a more commonly available heel height. The only ones I have found were £200! Lowering the skirt will cost £25, although she offered to charge £225 so that I could justify buying said beautiful silver sandals that I found in Russell and Bromley.
I still need to buy a veil as well, my advice is not to buy one from e bay. It was worth a go and actually that quality wasn’t terrible, but the colour doesn’t quite match my dress… Back to square one for veil shopping then…


4 thoughts on “Table plan, marriage prep course and Pom poms

  1. I love all your pom poms. People asked us the same questions about children just after we were married! I enjoyed reading your blog. Jenny

  2. Thanks for your blog, I (we) are thinking of doing a Marriage Preparation course through our church, so it was useful to read. I look forward to reading how it goes…

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