Pom Pom makers, the minimoon and children.

6 weeks to go!

In dawned on Jon and I the other day… What are we going to talk about after the wedding? What did we possibly talk about before we got engaged? I genuinely cannot remember, what could there possibly have been to discuss, why weren’t we just staring at the walls. Because now, ALL we talk about is the wedding. Not even our marriage, just the wedding itself. We have almost daily agendas of items to discuss- Jon is very happy when there isn’t an agenda that needs going through. I am convinced that by Christmas we will be sitting in silence, having run out of things to chat about.

I have finally bought some shoes. Although I may swap them. Buying the shoes was more complicated that the dress! Finding the exact height has been such a challenge, since my dress was altered. They are not ‘wedding shoes’, just shoes from the high street. I have a ‘wedding’ pair on order, in case I change my mind.

One of the next jobs on my list is to make children’s entertainment packs. I asked Jon for childrens’ ages, from his friends and family, it turns out he’s not so hot on ages, replying “they are less than 4ft it doesn’t matter”. Makes birthdays tricky I think!

The pom poms are coming along well. We borrowed the original pom pom maker from a friend, whom I had to text message the other day, saying “Funny wedding story- Jon broke the new replacement Pom Pom maker he bought you. He has made so many that the hinges broke!! We will buy a 3rd!x”

We have booked our minimoon… to Wales. Unfortunately I’m not a fan of Wales. Jon asserts that I’m racist, I’ve just had bad experiences of wet weather every time I have been. And I associate it with walking (hiking) and camping- 2 of my least favourite activities. Jon has not managed to get me to go to Wales in 5 years together so far. So, it is ironic (and Jon is particularly pleased) that we shall be going there on our minimoon! Albeit in a very lovely hotel.

We also attended our marriage preparation course, which was interesting. It gave us some tools, with which to solve arguments and highlighted areas that we need to talk about for the future. It didn’t change my life, but was worth doing. There was one other couple on the course who, when they marry this Summer, will have been together a total of 9 months. He decided one day he wanted to “look for a companion” and so he joined a Christian dating site and they met. They have yet to live together as they are buying a house, and only see each other on weekends as they live on opposite sides of the county. I wasn’t sure what to make of the whole thing… I’m still not.

We started with airing any concerns that we had about the course- Jon wrote down “evangelical preaching” and for the rest of the day the couple running the course completely avoided mentioning religion and at one point actually turned to us and apologised, when they used the word ‘church’ once! Sex was not mentioned, in fact I don’t remember it even being referred to as a concept, which was rather odd. It was like it just doesn’t exist.

Next to sort out before the big day: The table plan, stationary, evening iPod music and beauty appointments 🙂


2 thoughts on “Pom Pom makers, the minimoon and children.

  1. We had the same concern that there would be nothing to talk about after the wedding! You will need the rest after wedding planning for so long, enjoy the honeymoon.x

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