Packing lists, forgetting to eat and table plan politics

IMG_2152So, one month to go! Reading back through some of my first blogs, I can’t believe I get married so soon.

So we have completed our table plan. It was more difficult than I thought, and we don’t even have complicated families!
I decided whilst doing it and said to Jon “single people are like chips, they are plate fillers on the wedding table plan.” So large families were seated first, to ensure they all sit together.
Do you sit people with friends or strangers? We chose to sit people with strangers, to make it fair to those guests who knew no one.
We have 2 gay couples coming to the wedding and, by complete chance, they ended up on the same table. I decided that won’t do as it will look like we are creating a gay table! To me it’s such a non-issue but then I over-worry about drawing attention to it and what other people will think!
Politics eh.
Do you then sit couples with children at a few tables or spread the children out? It’s very confusing! We decided to seat people mainly based on a) practically the size of each family and b) personalities that we considered would work well together. This involved both of us describing hobbies and interests of our friends, and matching them with a brief summary of the same about the other person’s friends, who we have not met. It’s like setting up a blind date!

We also confirmed our numbers of adults and children to the caterers… After 5 times of counting everyone I had 5 different totals. I decided that once I hit the same number 3 times, that was probably the accurate head count.
We then had to phone the caterers back the following week, as Jon suddenly realised and pointed out that we had forgotten to include ourselves for food! The lady said it happens ALL the time apparently.
Then, my mum was doing the wedding stationary and pointed out that we had also forgotten to sit ourselves together on the top table!
When planning a wedding one is so concerned to sort out everyone else, that I find myself putting ‘us’ last. Normally for a holiday I would have written a ‘to pack’ list weeks before and considered anything I need to buy way ahead of time. However it only occurred to me today that I will actually have to pack a suitcase for our honeymoon.

It’s very odd thinking I will never be single again…
(Thinking optimistically I know…!) I could be widowed or divorced, but not single.

My Maid of Honour has also found a new bridesmaid’s dress… I was quite concerned about the colour of the previous one as it didn’t match exactly. But I concluded that at this point in time it’s too late to change it! Having spent all that money on essential alterations to the top half (see previous blogs), I felt I had invested in it beyond the point of return. However, I’m very excited to see the new dress, which apparently matches our teal colour scheme better.

Next to do:
•create children’s entertainment packs
•make favours
•have shoes coloured red
•attend various beauty-related appointments I have now made in the week or two leading up to the wedding
•confirm all timings and contractor arrangements


3 thoughts on “Packing lists, forgetting to eat and table plan politics

  1. I guess the devil is again in the details, nice blog, then again it is the first time I ever read a wedding blog 🙂

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