Timings, sandpaper and Glue guns

So 2 weeks to go, before we get married. I have to confess I’m starting to feel a little stressed, just because it’s so close and after all this planning one hopes there isn’t anything I’ve overlooked. It’s mid-August and today is predicted thunderstorms, I hope it gets it all out the way, before the wedding!

The photographer e mailed us his schedule this morning, which has me ready for photos 45 mins after my make up and hair professional arrives… That is not going to happen! So I need to talk to him.

At 10pm last night, we were still writing a schedule for our venue coordinator- a list of what happens when, what equipment and furniture we need moved where, etc. This morning she tells me she is away, and won’t be there when we meet our photographer on site. It’s 2 weeks before the wedding, and I haven’t seen her in months. We have what I can only describe as the ditziest venue coordinator ever! She once cancelled a meeting that had been in the diary for weeks, because she was in a different county and wasn’t sure she could get back in time. She eventually turned up, looking hungover, hmmm. I love my venue, but constantly feel she’s too laid back to take anything seriously and repeatedly cancels on us and changes the plans.

I have sorted out my ‘bridal day emergency kit’, a few things to add on the morning but it’s essentially ready. Amongst other things, it includes chalk, stain remover, lipstick, tissues, deodorant, protein bars, tampons and plasters. I researched this list on the Internet beforehand, to get an idea of what items I may find useful on the day, and 2 recommendations (not made up, I promise) were… A hot glue gun and sandpaper. a) who has these at home lying around to pop in one’s handbag and b) really? What would I use these for!?

My maid of honour has a new bridesmaid’s dress! After all the stress and alterations, she found a new one in a high street shop on sale, recently. It’s perfect! The exact colour and I just wish we had found it months ago, never mind, we have it now.

I’ve had my final wedding dress fitting, and it’s perfect I love it. My maid of honour had a lesson on how to get me into it, which involved her taking a video on her phone of the instructions. Turns out it’s quite complicated! We are going back in a week’s time for another lesson! She asked me how I am planning on getting out of it, which hadn’t occurred to me at all. I said I think she will have to come with me and my then husband to our bedroom, and undress me.

The postman continues to turn up with parcels, including bits and pieces for the children’s favour packs I’m putting together and huge bags of sweets for the tables.

Things left to do:
•Finish the men’s and women’s bathroom kits
•circulate the plan of the day to all contractors
•forward ‘to do’ lists to contractors
•confirm the wedding car and hot dog car arrangements


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