Marathon pants, beauty regimes and the honeymoon pack list.


So not long to go now.
We have been having our ‘marriage mentor sessions’, they were useful. We independently completed questionnaires regarding our views, priorities and beliefs. Then a qualified couple compare our responses and talked to us about how to make the marriage work. We covered family, beliefs, finances, sharing of duties, friends, sex, and expectations. They said we are doing pretty well as a couple and didn’t have any huge concerns about us.

Deliveries continue to turn up at the house. 4 boxes of wine, water glasses for everyone…

I spoke to a good friend of mine on the phone, she’s very grounded.
We were discussing wedding lingerie and I explained I’ll be wearing my ‘marathon pants’- to explain, these are the comfiest pants I own as I ran a marathon in them, they are not sexy they are practical. I have also purchased wedding lingerie to change into.
With regards to the marathon pants my friend said to me “I’ll give you some advice…” And I waited patiently for words of great wisdom or some profound insight into marriage…
Her reply? “Change out of the marathon pants”!

Many beauty appointments have been attended- hair cut and coloured, waxing (now feeling generally pretty hairless), nails and toe nails done, facial, eyebrows waxed…
This is on top of the preparation that will be done at home- body brushing, scrubbing, lotions, etc.
Jon’s preparation- “I’ll shave before the wedding.” Oh right good, thanks. Hate to think you weren’t going to make an effort.

We met our venue coordinator on site for a run through of a few things at the venue.

The lists are all over the place now. I actually have a list of lists to make and keep!

It’s impossible at this point to think of a life after the wedding. Note it’s become ‘the wedding’ not ‘when we are married’- it’s a separate entity of its own. There are 2 wedding eras in our life- before wedding and after wedding (BW and AW.) Nothing at all is currently being planned for the time era AW. Including how my husband to be, will actually get me out of my dress on our wedding night.

I’ve been looking too, at a list of things for the ‘Honeymoon pack list’- this apparently includes:
•A sealed copy of your will (really? there’s optimism)
•And a Deck of cards. Right yeah, playing cards is what most people plan on doing for a few days. (Actually sleep and nothing are my top 2 anticipated activities.)


Please do feel free to comment on my blog, thank you for reading.

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