Valium, macarons and smoking.


So last Sunday I got stressed.
It was 3pm in the afternoon and I was telling Jon about all the things I was concerned about… He said nothing, he walked to the fridge, poured me a glass of wine and offered it to me with a look that said “I’m insure on the correct words right now, so please just drink this- it will help.”
Then on Monday evening Jon went out for a cigar at 11pm. He gave up smoking 18 months ago. His words were “It’s just hit me we get married in 5 days.”
My Maid of honour said “Cigars are emergencies? Intetesting. Whats the female equivalent? New handbag?”
I feel reassured that this is all relatively normal. I asked a friend how she felt before the wedding and how prepared she was. Apparently she was disorganised, put on black pants with holes in and when she was told she couldn’t wear them, sent her then fiancé out on the morning of their wedding to buy bridal underwear, and was on Valium for most of the planning! Wish I had known that was available quite frankly.

We noticed that we are both progressively using swear words more generously in the last week or so. I think it’s the stress.

So I had a macaron making afternoon, with friends over to make them on mass. They will be our wedding favours. There’s various recipes in my macaron book for fillings, including one where it’s a macaron burger- meat burger sandwiched between the macarons… Errr, no thanks.
I got quite stressed when I started to fill them and kept breaking them. Jon’s advice? Photoshop them in the photos. Hmmm, maybe not again.
Jon’s next attempt to reassure me was to say “At least people will know you made them!” Thanks Jon, so you’re saying they aren’t good enough to rival professional ones!?

All our confetti is made, Jon’s been making it- cutting confetti from an old book I got in a charity shop and a heart shaped hole punch. One which Jon broke within a day, figures… He went though 3 Pom Pom makers. We borrowed one off friends which he broke and then broke the replacement we bought too.
He said to me- “How come I’m doing all the girly stuff?” Apparently he wasn’t too happy about being delegated Pom poms and confetti.

Jon has been winding me up about being a ‘wife’ on several occasions, much to my disapproval. But the other day he said to me “…your husband to be… Wait, I’m going to be someone’s husband? Oh dear, I hadn’t thought of that.” So not so funny when the tables are turned then eh, Jon!

Jon said a notification came up on his iphone for tomorrow entitled “get married”… His action based on this reminder? He said “I pressed snooze.”


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