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imageI love decorating a home and making it feel cosy. I often think it’s something you can’t rush but needs to evolve over time. Mr B has done lots of decorating, 98% in our current home. Every inch has been painted- walls and ceilings. Now we are onto the gardens. We used to say he does the decorating and I do the soft furnishings. I’m also in charge of colour schemes, since he really isn’t bothered whether there is one or whether things match.

Moving in with someone is exciting but tricky. Not only do you open yourself up to the other person seeing everything you own including anything embarrassing, but it also allows for disagreements in personal taste.
Apparently in a couple, when one moves into the other’s home, the owner can get annoyed when something is moved and the other person feels they don’t have a say (http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/2558978). It is difficult in my opinion- having moved in with Mr B into his house I know how hard it can be when it’s not an equally shared home. According to the following article, rooms get designated “mine” and “yours”. Apparently the answer for newlyweds is to combine styles (Luxurious Minimalism- by photographer Fritz von der Schulenburg and writer Karen Howes.) However, I personally think it’s healthy to each have a little space you can call your own, whether this be a whole room or a bedside table.

Our more recent tale (since buying a house together) is of the boat and the lamps… When I emptied the loft at my old house and moved everything into our joint home, I brought with me 2 lamps that I inherited from my gran. I love them, not only do they remind me of her but I love the vintage pictures on them. Mr B does not like them. He suggested places in the house they could go, that are not pride of place locations. All equivalent to putting them in the downstairs bathroom or even basement/loft. Mr B likes boats and seems to have some sort of obsession in wanting to collect them, so he purchased an ornamental boat measuring approximately 70cm. I would like to add he already has a boat lamp (that I’m equally unkeen on). And so the battle continues of how to not let the other one succeed in having their possessions (boats vs lamps) win.

The other thing about living together is sharing everything, there’s nothing that’s a mystery anymore. Mr B and I had a very domestic moment, when we were discussing where to put our toilet roll holder. It was not at all glamorous and was one of those conversations not to be had early on in the honeymoon period of a relationship. It was what I would call a proper ‘couple’ moment! So we were both crouched down by the toilet, measuring around for the toilet roll holder and deciding where it would be best to go. We had another similarly ‘couple’ moment but vaguely more appropriate, whilst sofa shopping- we had looked around and pretty much decided on the few we had narrowed it down to. What I would call the ‘carpet store’ music was playing in the background, it was very middle class, civilised, relaxed and extremely coupley. Mr B had a reflective look and didn’t say anything for a moment, then when I asked him what he was thinking he replied “We are married now aren’t we!”
“Yes, yes we are” was my reply.


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